BlackIvy has a culture, a company and a team that is built for environments that are challenging to navigate, yet ripe with opportunity.

We have experienced team members on the ground and collaborate closely with local partners. Our team is led by:

Cheryl Mills is founder and Chief Executive Officer of the BlackIvy Group.  Prior to BlackIvy, Ms. Mills served as Chief of Staff to Secretary Hillary Clinton and Counselor to the U.S. Department of State, where she managed foreign policy and operational priorities of the $55 billion agency that employs more than 20,000 officials across 180 countries.  She supervised priority policy areas, including the Obama Administration’s $3.5 billion global hunger and food security initiative spanning 19 countries, 12 in Africa, and diplomacy and development efforts in Haiti. +

Jean-Louis Warnholz is Founding Principal and Managing Director of the BlackIvy Group. Prior to joining BlackIvy, Jean-Louis Warnholz was a Senior Advisor in Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s office, focusing on public-private partnerships in emerging markets.  Mr. Warnholz brings a track record of identifying emerging economic opportunities in frontier regions and executing ground-breaking ventures to capture these opportunities. He co-founded fastafrica Ltd. and worked in senior advisory positions for governments (UK, US), multilateral institutions (World Bank, UN) and private entities (Soros Economic Development Fund, S&P). Mr. Warnholz executed projects in complex settings from Kosovo to Haiti to Mongolia to Ghana. In Haiti, he coordinated major investments in new factories, housing, power, port and airport infrastructure in the country’s poorest region. +

Anthony Welters has served as the Executive Chairman of the BlackIvy Group, LLC since 2014.  As Executive Chair, Mr. Welters travels regularly to Africa to engage BlackIvy’s business partners, meet with government officials, and assess new business opportunities.  As a serial entrepreneur, Mr. Welters serves as a mentor and strategic advisor to BlackIvy’s business leaders and team members as they launch and grow BlackIvy’s businesses. +